Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise
- Psalm 100:4

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OUR MISSION: What We Are Here To Do 1: Building People
2: Building Community
3: Changing Lives By The Gospel of Jesus Christ
OUR VISION: Why We Are Here
To teach everyone who is in this ministry how to walk according to what God has freely given them through His Word and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. To create an environment where each person can grow, develop, and use their God-given talents through their relationship with God and with each member of this ministry.

WMCOC Future Vision
Elements of the WMCOC Vision


  1. Ministry to the whole person (As they are, birth to maturity in Christ) (not new)

  2. Ministry to those who are hurting (allowing the spirit and gifts of God to minister to the whole person) (not new)

  3. Spreading the Gospel through all age groups    (missions trips and programs)

  4. Training Ground/Support Center for Pastors

  5. Developing a teaching team of ministers & teachers

  6. Prayer Center:  Teaching on the importance of prayer and hearing the voice the God in ministry.

  7. We will have a significant impact on the youth & college students within our community.  (nothing new)

  8. A church that is open to people being real:  Dealing with real issues:  abuse, sexual issues, hurts, failures, and through the love, teaching and anointing of God watching people become victorious.

  9. Multiple buildings on the grounds for future ministries.  (Original vision:  thatís from God) (Not new)

  10. Healing Center: Teaching and sharing about Godís plan to heal.

  11. Center to teach how to have a successful marriage, Godís way! 

"I do not know how we will accomplish everything but I know God is faithful to complete that what He has started.
Is the Vision of God alive within you?" - Pastor Art Dean

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  1. Strength in our relationships (External & Internal)

    • All share in welcoming new people

    • Sponsoring new people (Sponsor coordinator)

    • Fellowship/Connection

    • Building unity

    • Connection with our community (Ways to touch and serve)

    • Meet people where they are: (Visitors should be connected to Word where they are, not on some rote program)

    • College Students Connections (adopt a student)

    • All kids connections (meet them were they are)

  2. Strength in our teaching/learning

    • Applicable teaching

    • Variety of methods to teach the word

    • Variety of people teaching

  3. Strength in our commitment

    • To Jesus Christ

    • To one another

    • Philippians 2:1-5:

    • Mature communication (ask questions, no reputation)


What will that make us:

  • Happy/Welcoming Church and Growing Church

  • Church were many are sharing in the work of the ministry

  • A committed group working together

  • Non-defensive about our titles and position

  • Ministry Leaders working with one another

  • People are connected, the majority of needs are met

  • Pastors ministering to the people

  • People ministering to one another

  • Paid staff serving all ministry leaders (shoulder to shoulder with our lay ministers)

  • All ages impacted for the Gospel

  • Men connected Word

  • People from all ethnic backgrounds attracted to Word



  1. Unity: Ephesians 4:1-6 (Fighting to keep it)

    • Our community efforts will bring Unity

    • Breaking bread

    • Speaking good over each other, walking arm & arm, watch how you say it, express it or even discuss it.

    • Stop the worldís way of sitting in the seat of the scornful and attacking people, projects and plans. 

  2. Love: Ephesians 4:32 (Grace & forgiveness by Christ forgave us)

    • we were never in their shoes, just love one another

    • Grace, all by grace (patience, encouragement, growth in others and the ministries they lead)

  3. Others:

    • Philippians 2:1-8

    • Hebrews 10:24-25

    • II Corinthians 1:3-5

    • Romans 8:28-37

    • Psalm 100

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Ministries Worship 
Do You Know The King? Links Sowing Into the Vision

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